20 Mar

US presidential election betting prediction

The us election is more than under way and the viking is here as always to tell you were to bet on the US presidential election. We’re starting to see some sports betting (political betting) value already. The biggest betting upset of the election has been Donald Trump and the betting value in this election will most likely continue to circle around him.

Hillary Clinton was the favourite pick for the democrat’s candidate even before the election even began and her line has continued to drop since the start, though it was low even to begin with. Donald Trump however was considered to be a big underdog just months ago but have proven people wrong with his aggressive rally’s and the fact that he’s arguably (well maybe Bernie Sanders aswell) the only candidate that isn’t “corrupt”. Trump who doesn’t need any major funding as he’s already a billionaire have had the freedom to speak from his own agenda and have not had the need to abide by any lobbyists. As a result from Trump’s success we’ve seen the line drop and bettors are pulling their hair for not making a small hedgable wager on Trump with his background in mind (the line was at about 8.00+ and is now 4.00 for him to become president).

best odds on us primary election

US Presidential election value bet:

For those of you who are new to sports betting and gambling in general lets sort some facts out first so that you can understand why you shouldn’t just outright place a large wager on Hillary Clinton to become the next president.

  • The line on Hillary Clinton to become the next president is currently at 1.42 over at Unibet. This represents way to little value for what could become a neck to neck battle for votes.
  • The line on Donald Trump to become the next US president currently stands at 3.75 over at Unibet. This is a way better pick even though Trump has made some controversial statements, he almost has enough delegates already to secure the spot as the republican representative.
  • You’re not chasing the most likely alternative if you want to make money then you should chase value, like you do when you invest in shares. Let’s put it this way; Trump and Hillary wins the primary election and becomes the representatives for their respective parties. Now lets say that before the voting begins we hold Clinton as a 60/40 favourite, after taking a look at the odds we can clearly see that Trump is a 1/4 (including the bookmakers edge) pick to win and as such it would be a bad pick if you think that it’s 20% or less likely that he will win over Clinton.

Now that you understand our reasoning it’s clear that Clinton is way undervalued and Trump is way overvalued, especially with the current migrant crisis going on aswell as the terrorist threats from ISIS.

If you believe that Clinton will win as she’s more in tune with the politically correct people as well as the fact that she’s already a well respected politician.

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US primary Presidential election odds:

For the primary presidential election our prediction are the major two names for each party, namely: Clinton for the democrats and Trump for the Republicans. An upset victory for Sanders or Cruz obviously holds a lot of value that can be hedged later on in the election but it’s a 100/1 shot for either event in our opinion.

Democratic Presidential Nominee:

Hillary Clinton @ 1.05 over at Unibet

Bernie Sanders @ 9.00 over at Unibet

US friendly option:

Hillary Clinton @ -2500 over at Bovada

Bernie Sanders @ +1000 over at Bovada

Republican Presidential Nominee:

Donald Trump @ 1.25 over at Unibet

Ted Cruz @ 7.00 over at Unibet

John Kasich @ 9.00 over at Unibet

US friendly option:

Donald Trump @ -400 over at Bovada

Ted Cruz @ +600 over at Bovada

John Kasich @ +600 over at Bovada

Confused about the american odds? The negative ones represents the amount you need to bet in order to win 100$ and the positive ones represents what you would win if you bet 100$ for a further explanation check out or odds calculator.

US General Election odds:

For this event try to avoid the “party to win the general election” type of pick, why? Well it’s 99.99% certain that the candidate for each party will be the winner of the general election and as such you’re just giving away profit when placing a wager of this kind. What’s the point in finding the best odds for the election if you’re going to give away value to the sports book that you’re betting at.

Next President of the United States of America:

Hillary Clinton @ 1.42 over at Unibet

Donald Trump @ 3.75 over at Unibet

Ted Cruz @ 31.00 over at Unibet

John Kasich @ 26.00 over at Unibet

Bernie Sanders @ 29.00 over at Unibet

US friendly option:

Hillary Clinton @ -225 over at Bovada

Donald Trump @ +200 over at Bovada

Ted Cruz @ +1600 over at Bovada

John Kasich @ +1800 over at Bovada

Bernie Sanders @ +2000 over at Bovada

The viking’s US presidential election prediction and our own input:

The viking’s final prediction for the us presidential election is that Hillary Clinton manages to win it, she will have many of the ethnic minorities on her side aswell as the fact that Trump seems to ignore the feminist points that’s up for the taking.

However if the situation around the world continues to turn for the worst then american voters might think that Trump is the only one that have what it takes to deal with Vladimir Putin and to do what’s necessary if the terrorist threat goes any further. As such the best bet that you can do here is to bet on Trump to become president immediately and then “hedge” your bet by placing a bet on Clinton after the primary election (unless something drastic happens) and as such secure profit if either side wins.

The viking’s own favourite pick would be Bernie Sanders as he supports good values and values education greatly, something which is inline with the viking’s own values.

Bovada logoAll odds for the us friendly bets are from the well respected bookmaker Bovada for this prediction, the best bookmaker for US players. Bovada offers both mobile betting (bet with ease from your phone) aswell as livebetting (in-play betting). New members at Bovada can enjoy a 50% welcome bonus up to 250$. Click here to read the viking’s review of Bovada now!

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