13 Sep

US OPEN 2015 Finals Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer

Today 2015/09/13 is the day of the US OPEN 2015 finals in which the reckoning force Novak Djokovic will be facing of versus the previously dominating player Roger Federer. In the games where these two legends face each other there is no telling what will happen but Novak seems to best Roger by small margins everytime as of late. Djokovic always seems to be one step ahead, doing things that other tennis players could only dream of and in doing so he´s able to counter anything that comes at him.

Both players have shown a very impressive shape this tournament with Roger Federer convincingly beating Stanislas Wawrinka with 6-4 6-3 6-1. He made it look taking on Wawrinka very easy, even the viking thought that Wawrinka would be able to put up a better resistance against the legend. Novak Djokovic had an easier opponent on paper facing of versus the up and coming promise Maric Cilic and beating him easily with 6-0 6-1 6-2, however this was a predicted outcome as Djokovic was 13-0 against the youngling.

The two titans are 20-21 in head to head matches with a slight favor going to Roger Federer but while Federer is declining from his peak, Novak Djokovic is just reaching his. Therefore the viking puts this match up in a 60/40 favor of Djokovic, which is inline with the odds the bookmakers are offering for this game. The best strategy to bet on this game is to watch the first few games live and to look for weaknesses and psychological advantages. Both players are stubborn and the very best of the best, this means that small missplays might put them of their game. Look for any facial expressions and reactions which you think could tell how the match will play out.

The value for this match lies in over plays but as mentioned before place these bets during the game, possibly in favor of Djokovic. For pregame selections look for Djokovic to win, over 42.5 games (should be covered in 4 sets) and our banker of the week over; 3.5 sets.

Not sure where to watch the game live? Head over to our Livestream page to find a suitable stream now!

Djokovic Vs Federer 2015


Predicted outcome:

Djokovic Federer 3-1 @ 4.50

Djokovic  Federer 3-2 @ 6.00

The vikings picks for this game:

Djokovic  Federer 1/2, 1 @ 1.72

Over 42.5 games @ 1.72

Novak Djokovic -1.5 games @ 1.90

Banker of the week:

Over 3.5 sets @ 1.40

Head over to our Bonuspage to get a bonus for your banker bet, a 100% bonus will increase your odds on over 3.5 sets to 1.80!

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