14 Aug

Rafael Nadal v Kei Nishikori ATP Montreal august 2015 quarter final

Tonight is a chance for Rafael Nadal to prove that he’s still in the game after his injury and a big chance for Kei Nishikori to beat his demon which he has lost against 8 times out of eight on 3 different surfaces.

Kei Nishikori seems to have problems to win a single set against Rafael Nadal and even if Kei Nishikori are higher in the rankings speculations regarding a Nishikori win can’t be be drawn based of rankings or shape since this game is against two totally different opponents, even if both are top class and highly ranked sportsmen the Viking knows that Rafael Nadal has a weapon Kei Nishikori can’t fight against, what kind of weapon is something for you to find out tonight if you have an eye for the sport.

2 times the money is an offer from bet365 if you bet on a Rafael Nadal win in tonights ATP Montreal quarter final.

Sports history is already written in the stars and the Vikings navigated their ships by following the stars and Rafael Nadal is one of the leading stars.

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