14 Mar

Oddstorm review arbitrage software

oddstorm surebettingWhile searching through the web for great tools to offer our visitors the viking stumbled across OddStorm, an arbitrage betting software service with great innovative features which can be used to complement your existing software or to switch it out completely. The great developers behind OddStorm chose their name wisely as they have the fastest surebetting software that the viking has come across ever.


OddStorm Review:

Software features:

  • Lightning fast sure bets

OddStorm delivers lightning fast sure bets from over 80+ bookmakers, all the odds are collected by OddStorm themselves in order to prevent any delays and / or miscalculations which might occur when using odds from third party sources.

  • Unique middles and Polish middles

Ever heard of a polish middle or a middle bet? A middle bet is when you bet on the middle of a specific outcome I.E; You place a bet on both Over 1.5 goals and under 2.5 goals, as the middle itself is a sure bet you will get value whatever happens but if the match ends with exactly 2 goals then not only will you get the normal surebetting value but you will also get the middle value! A polish middle uses the same principle but with the exception that it’s the exact opposite, if the previous example was a polish middle then you would bet on under 1.5 goals and over 2.5 goals – if the game ends in 2 goals then you would lose  both bets. Oddstorm explains the math behind this in their own guide here.

Now it should’ve crossed your mind that with some normal game capping and predictions from the viking, both of these methods can turn out to be VERY valuable.

  • Fully customizable interface

OddStorm lets you customize your own interface so that you can select what bookmakers you want to get sure bets and middles from and want kind of bets you want to receive (I.E if you want to focus solely on surebetting, or middles).

  • In play sure bets
  • Various filters

Take advantage of the various filters that OddStorm offers so that you get only to bets that you want to bet on. You can even put on an alarm to notify you when there’s a bet that matches your criteria.

Are you uncertain about surebetting? OddStorm offers both free and paid courses on their sister site arbitrageguide.com so that you can start surebetting with confidence. The viking also offer our own guide on surebetting here.

  • Try the OddStorm software for FREE!

After researching OddStorm the viking immediately contacted them and suggested a partnership, and as a result we can now offer an exclusive deal on subscriptions from Bettingviking’s visitors (read more below) aswell as a free trial browser version on Bettingviking.com, just click here and preview some of OddStorm’s great features for FREE!

OddStorm sure bets


OddstormExclusive first time deal: New customers registering with OddStorm from Bettingviking can extended their first month with 1 free week of the software by emailing support@oddstorm.com and mentioning Bettingviking. In order to get this deal you MUST register through any of the OddStorm links or banners on Bettingviking. This is an exclusive offer not found anywhere else on the internet.



 oddstorm surebetting


vip surebetting

In conclusion:

OddStorm might seem a bit pricy when comparing to the other arbitrage betting softwares that are available but with their high % arbs and unique features in mind they’re the one and only choice for any serious arber. Considering the value and entertainment that you can get from their unique Middles and Polish middles they’re a good choice for starting out aswell, and don’t forget with the viking’s SPECIAL deal you can even out the price differential from the other inferior softwares.

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