26 Jun

Bettingviking news: Industry related category

Bettingviking news:

Hi fellow gamblers! In this post I want to highlight our new Industry related category which we will feature here on the blog and on the feeds at Bettingviking. Our aim with the “Industry related” category and feed will be to provide our readers with more new content apart from predictions and promotions, so that you can stay up to date with all the latest sports betting and casino strategies.

We will also review new and exciting games, apps, softwares and well pretty much anything related to the gambling industry which we think will be valuable to our readers.

If you’re a webmaster and think that your content can contribute to our readers then make sure to email us at theviking@bettingviking.com as we’re looking for partners to include your articles in our “Industry related” rss feed on our main page bettingviking.com.

Furthermore if you think that any of our feeds could complement your website then toss us an email and we’ll send you the feed url, maybe you write soccer predictions and would like some tennis content for your readers aswell.

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