12 Oct

NBA 2016-17 predictions & preview

NBA predictions

NBA 2016-17 preview & predictions:

NBA predictions

The NBA 2016/17 season is finally upon us and the viking has a full preview of all good betting selections aswell as winner predictions and possible upsets. Last season gave us a dramatic ending as the Cleveland Cavaliers managed to turn a 1-3 deficit into a 4-3 victory over the Golden State Warriors. The dubs came off a record breaking season ending the regular season with 73-9 which polished the 95-96 bulls 72-10 record by 1 victory, a bulls team lead by Michael Jordan. Though as things was looking as their grimmest for the Cavs one man stod up, LeBron James picked up the pace. James played an amazing D prior to the fourth game put had troubles finding his shots, well in the 5th and 6th he became the first player since Shaq to score past 40 in consecutive games (scoring 41 in both). At 3-3 the last game was a real stunner with the Warriors leading 49-42 after the first half, the Cavs managed to outscore the Dubs in the second though and won the match 93-89 which meant that they became the first team in NBA history to come back from a 1-3 deficit in addition to bringing home Cleveland’s first championship. This was an important finals not only for the Cavaliers team but for Cleveland aswell and for Lebron to lead this team to victory we can only assume that his confidence will be sky high heading into this season “Nothing is given, everything is earned” – Lebron James.

NBA lock of the 2016/17 season:

This is a must bet for any NBA gambler as the Cavaliers should face little competition in the eastern conference. With the trio of Lebron, Irving and Love able to individually just take control of a game versus almost any team there is almost nothing speaking against this bet and if one of them picks up an unfortunate injury, they still have the option to play the likes of Thompson and Shumpert. You might want to get confirmation on J.R Smith’s new contract before placing the bet though as this will add some additional security, though it seems unlikely for the Cavs to part with J.R now that the dubs have put together their “super team”.

Cleveland Cavaliers to win the eastern conference @ -185  Betonline sportsbook

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Please note that this prediction features us friendly odds from the us friendly online sportsbook BetOnline.

NBA 2016-17 winner predictions:

To make a clear winner prediction for the 2016-17 NBA season we first new to break down the contenders into a few viable picks and when doing so it’s important to have the conferences in mind (the western obviously being the more competitive one). Furthermore it’s also important to keep in mind that basketball is where the star players shine the brightest, certain players are able to just shut down a match by themselves and as such one of the most important factors is comparing the teams’ big names.

winner predictions NBA

NBA 2016-17 conference winner predictions:

Eastern conference:

The viking’s top 3 picks for the eastern conference are Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics. The Cavaliers will be defending champions and in addition to that they’ve retained basically the exact same squad as last year, though the team now has additional play off experience that is sure to come into bound this season aswell. The Knicks might seem like somewhat of a dark horse but with the acquisition of Derek rose to complement Melo they’ll have quite a strong squad, in addition to this Porzingis was looking really good last season and this might just be his season to shine. The viking believes that there will be a lot of early value on the Knicks this year so watch out for any large handicaps or value odds in the start of the season. The Celtics strengthened an already sound squad with Al Horford and now this should be the team to rival Cleveland in the eastern conference especially with the Raptors loosing Biyombo in the transfer window.

NBA Eastern conference prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers wins it over the Boston Celtics.

Western conference:

The viking’s top 3 picks for the western conference are San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors. This is by far the more competitive conference still as most of the teams will put up a good fight (in contrast in the eastern conference there are 3-4 teams that could be considered as finals contenders) to almost any team. However then there’s the Golden State Warriors, a team that put up a NBA record season last regular season and they were also the 2015 champions, playing in back to back finals. The dubs managed to sign Kevin Durant during the transfer window and with Curry we now have two of the NBA’s top 3 stars in the same team, add Clay Thompson and Draymond Green to that and it’s quite clear that this is a modern era super team. Even though the conference is tight, the Warriors is a must bet as the western conference winner. Their biggest rivals in the conference; the Spurs lost Tim Duncan to retirement during the transfer window and even though he was replace with Gasol, loosing such a front figure is bound to hurt the team. The Clippers really didn’t do much in the transfer window and what we saw from that squad last season is probably what we can expect for this season aswell, though Blake might perform a bit better as the media has cooled of a bit.

NBA western conference prediction: The Golden State Warriors wins it over the San Antonio Spurs.

Cavaliers vs Dubs in the finals @ +125

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NBA 2016-17 odds:

Boston Celtics to win 16/17 NBA  +2000   Betonline sportsbook 

Cleveland Cavaliers to win 16/17 NBA  +275 Betonline sportsbook

New York Knicks to win 16/17 NBA  +5000 Betonline sportsbook

Golden State Warriors to win 16/17 NBA  -140 Betonline sportsbook

Los Angeles Clippers to win 16/17 NBA  +3000 Betonline sportsbook

San Antonio Spurs to win 16/17 NBA  +900 Betonline sportsbook

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