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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier UFC 197 prediction

On the 23rd of april 2016 Jon Jones will be back in the octagon for the UFC 197 in Las Vegas following his arrest and suspension last year. The same event that got him arrested meant that his opponent in this fight Daniel Cormier got the chance to fight Anthony Johnson for the light weight belt, a fight which Cormier won with a rear-naked-choke and as such he’s currently the light weight ufc champion. Cormier later got challenged for the belt by whom many regard as the 3rd best light weight fight Alexander “The Mauler” Gustavsson, yet another fight won be Cormier who won on a split judge decision. Cormier later went on to say that “Thank you Alexander you made me a better fighter and a better man”.

Now this is where things get interesting because both fighters have lost only once in their career and for Cormier that loss was versus Jon Jones at UFC 182. Cormier holds a 17-1 UFC record and is specialized in kickboxing and wrestling. He is a pronounced wrestler having won an olympic bronze medal aswell as a bronze medal in the world championship.

Jon “Bones” Jones is one of the most well-publicised fighters in UFC history, being in one scandal after another. After his victory over Daniel Cormier in their fight at UFC 182 “Bones” tested positive for cocaine and was fined 20.000$, something which some people think might have influenced his performance in the game as cocaine is a central stimulant drug which if he was under the influence during the fight would’ve enhanced his performance. Jon was later involved in a hit-and-run accident when he crashed into a pregnant womans car yet again under the influence of drugs. This time UFC decided to take action and suspended “Bones” and stripped him of his title. Many people believed that we had seen the last of Jon after this but he has now returned and is aiming for the title, not only to regain it but to redeem himself and to win back his fans aswell as his past glory.

"bones" vs Cormier preview

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Predicted outcome:

The viking’s prediction for this fight is a victory for “Bones”, this will probably be a long fight considering that both fighters will be coming into the fight hungrier than ever. As such the over rounds pick looks very interesting. With the first fight as a preview we know that both fighters are rather evenly matched with a slight advantage for “Bones”.

You could also argue that Cormier will be coming into this fight looking to beat the only opponent that ever beat him in the UFC but look at it this way: Cormier is almost 10 years older than Jon Jones and he is at the end of his career. Jon Jones on the other hand is closing in on the prime of his career and a victory here would mean that he has the tools to make as much as possible out of it. This fight also represents a chance for “Bones” to redeem himself in the eyes of the public and as such regain some of his sponsors aswell. In conclusion this fight is way more important to the younger, more fit “Bones” but with Cormier’s experience and Jones being his only loss in mind it’s likely that we see a “judge’s decision” fight yet again

Jon Jones to win after 5 rounds

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The vikings picks for this game:

Jon “Bones” Jones Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones to win @ -325 (1.31)

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