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Iceland Euro 2016 best odds

Iceland Euro 2016
best odds.

Iceland Euro 2016 oddsIceland is the smallest country, in terms of population with its 323,000 inhabitants which
has managed to qualify for an European Championship tournament and has now proceeded to the quarterfinals against all odds versus the host nation France by knocking out England in their
1/8 final. It can now be speculated in if they just were lucky or whether the team actually has qualities that no one really could expect of the Icelandic squad and now the Icelandic people and the rest of the world are looking for the best odds on Iceland’s upcoming games.

Viking knows that the team is based on focus, solidity, physics and winner instinct that is on par with the German national team. The Icelandic team has been playing with focus, and seem to have one of the most solid squads in the Euro 2016 tournament.

Individualism is not their key to success, they play more as a collective in comparison to a crew belonging to a Viking ship in a stormy sea. Iceland has already given the Euro 2016 tournament an entertainment value of the ordinary and has placed Iceland on the football map.

The Icelandic team composed mostly of players from the Swedish top division Allsvenskan and the highest Norwegian division. The most expensive player in Iceland’s squad is Gylfi Sigurdsson as the Premier League team Swansea paid € 10.1m for the player in a move from Tottenham Spurs.

The total cost of transfer fees of the Icelandic players in their clubs amounts to about €20m. It could be compared to Belgium’s squad, which has a transfer value of £319m. Iceland is not the most expensive of ships, but have still managed to reach least as far as Belgium in the Euro 2016 tournament.

Iceland coach consists of the duo Lars Lagerback & Heimir Hallgrímsson. Lars Lagerback has in his earlier career successfully taken Sweden to major championships and has also coached the Nigerian national football team.

What makes the Iceland squad even more interesting is that the team still playing with its legendary 37-year-old star Eidur Gudjohnsen, who has successful seasons in FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC in the luggage.

Iceland’s road to the euro 2016 finals.

France vs island euro 2016 preview and prediction.

In order to keep the Icelandic people’s dream alive of winning the euro 2016, the icelandic team first needs to beat the host france at 07/03. A task that might seem harder than it really it is as the french team has struggled even though they’ve won their games and advanced in the tournament. The big stars such as Pogba and Griezmann have both faced issues and it’s reflecting back in their game that they’re frustrated, Griezmann have however managed to pick himself up from the first games in the tournament.

The french team will also be having the pressure from the crowd, a pressure that have been building following their somewhat disappointing performances in the previous games. If Iceland manages to draw out the game and play an Atletico Madrid inspired strategy mixed with their usual rough play then they should be able to finish of a frustrated french team. Iceland can of course win in more manners but this strategy will most likely be their best bet.

If Iceland manages to defeat the home nation France then they will face either Italy or Germany in their Euro 2016 semi final game. Both of those teams play a style that is favorable to the icelandic team as neither team are super aggressive or fast such as Belgium or Spain.

And then in the euro 2016 finals the icelandic team would have to face the winner of Portugal vs Wales. If Iceland manages to get to the finals then they really need Wales to win the semi final as Portugal has the exact team that can cause issues for them, a fast midfield controlled team with attackers such as Ronaldo and Sanchez in the front.

Wales on the other hand is a more stable opponent and a team that Lagerback can strategize against, something that is harder vs Portugal as their individual talent is much greater (even accounting Bale).

Can Iceland win the 2016 Euro?

Well their path in the play offs is a difficult one as you might HAVE understood but it’s not impossible and the viking believes that if they manage advance versus France then they will have a real chance.

If you bet on the current best odds of 41.0 on Unibet then you should be able to cash out a mighty fine profit straight after that game with Unibet’s “Cash out” function and make instant cash.

The odds on Iceland to sail home the Euro 2016 tournament are still very high, and the one who had the courage to back up the team with a coin at the start of the tournament had been able to get a lot of extra excitement and entertainment in this stage now when Iceland are ready for the quarterfinals and has played brilliant football so far in the tournament.

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Icelandic War Chant.

How to find the best odds on Iceland in the Euro 2016?

Find the best odds on Iceland by using the Vikings odds comparison tool, where the best odds are listed. The Odds Comparison tool seeks out the best odds for you among 55 respected bookies. How to find the odds? simply go through our link here, or navigate to the Viking News. For a detailed description of how to use the odds comparison tool, go through this link.Iceland Euro 2016 best odds


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