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Goal scorers Champions league final 2016 odds and predictions.

Champions League final 2016 goalscorers prediction

Champions league final 2016

The Champions league playoffs nearing its end and the 2016 champions will be crowned this Saturday and the ending of the Champions League story are now going to be written. Fairy tales usually have one or more heroes involved. To become a hero in a Champions League final match, a performance above the ordinary will be needed. The player has to possess the ability to raise up to his absolute highest level, and above all score a match-winning goal. Candidates to score in the Champions League final could be many in these two star studded teams.

This article has in purpose to clarify which one of the players that would be most likely to account for a final signature and score a match winning goal. The Viking has of course the odds on these candidates and the Viking is ready to take home the gold with his hero.

Criterion, to have a chance to become a hero is first and foremost talent. Talent is what most players possess at this level so it will be needed more than just talent to determine a Champions League final, and mental and physical strength has to be added to our hero when the talent already is present.

Even these two properties are not sufficient strengths, to determine a Champions League final between two Spanish arch rivals. The third component a match hero need to possess is club feeling, a hero must have a cause to fight for, and this is very important.

The last component together with the abilities which was mentioned above is hunger and thirst, simply because a satisfied player do not have the need to hunt anymore. To shortly summarize, the player who will make the decisive goal in the Champions League Final 2016 are talented, strong, hungry and have loyalty to his club.

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Goal scorers Champions league final 2016 odds and predictions:

1.Fernando Torres (Atletico Madrid).

Fernando Torres

Atletico Madrid player Fernando is the Viking’s highest ranked candidate to score in the Champions League Final and the Madrid derby. Torres has seriously shown that he is back after some struggling seasons in Chelsea. Now backed by coach Diego Simeone, back in his mother club Atletico Madrid with its fans. Winning the Champions League, beat Real Madrid in the same match and become the match hero is a chance Fernando Torres definitely want to take. The Viking knows that he will succeed with it. The strength , the talent and the feeling is there, and the desire for revenge is also very high after his time in Chelsea.

Fernando Torres to score  @ 3.85 

Fernando Torres to score the last goal  @ 7.5

2. Christiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).

Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid’s best-ever goal scorer in the club and two-time Ballon d’Or winner, has all of the components needed to score in the Champions League final. Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have a perpetual hunger to score, has a physique not many players can match and has shown his loyalty to his club now before the final on Saturday by extending his contract with Real Madrid. Christiano Ronaldo rumored to sign for five year contract and is certainly hungry to mark this through a major effort in the upcoming Champions League final in Milano 2016.

 Cristiano Ronaldo to score  @ 2.33

3.Karim Benzema (Real Madrid).

Karim Benzema

The super talented Karim Benzema who came to the club as a 21 year old with an almost supernatural sense for scoring goals has been a natural choice in the Real squad for most of his time in Real Madrid. Karim Benzema is a given candidate finding the net in the 2016 Champions League Final.

Karim Benzema to score the first goal  @ 5.8

Karim Benzema to score  @ 3.0


Odds on other goal scorers.

Odds on other players to score in the Champions League final is to be found in the Vikings odds comparison tool, where the best odds are listed. The Odds Comparison tool seeks out the best odds for you among 55 respected bookies. How to find the odds? simply go through our link here, or navigate to the Viking News. For a detailed description of how to use the odds comparison tool, go through this link.

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