23 Nov

Betting advice 23/11: Quick picks

Hi! We´re starting a new concept called “quick picks” as of today. These posts will feature shorter predictions, which highlights single facts about particular games that we here at Bettingviking likes. If you´re looking for a couple of games to bet on for the night (or just want to double-check your facts with the viking) without reading a long prediction then this will be the posts for you!

Please note that the picks will be in order of value in the play, ranging from first (most value) to last (least value).

Now let’s get started;

Sports betting quick picks november 23, 2015:

New york Rangers vs Nashville Predators:

  • The Rangers are 5-0 at home in their latest 5 home games, defeating both ST Louis Blues and the up and comers Carolina Hurricanes.
  • “King” Henrik Lundqvist is testing out new skates which allows him more movement in the game, adapting a similar play style to that of Bayern Munichs Neuer.
  • Nashville Predators are 2-3 on the road with their last two games ending 0-4, 0-4. The Preds faced Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wilds in those two games.
  • Both teams will be coming into this game without injuries.
  • Bet on New York Rangers Moneyline now for 1.68 over at Triobet.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Orlando Magic:

  • The Cavaliers are 5-0 at home in their latest 5 home games, defeating promising teams such as the Bucks, Atlanta Hawks and Utah Jazz.
  • Orlando Magic are 2-3 in their 5 latest road games, their last 2 road games were defeats versus the Washington Wizards and Indiana Pacers.
  • The Cavaliers are missing some key players coming into this fixture such as Kyrie Irving, Shumpert and Mo williams. But Lebron James and Kevin Love have used their teammates absence to their advantage and have been picking up the team by themselves.
  • Look for the Moneyline value in this pick, Orlando magic has held their last 8 opponents under the 100 point mark (regulation time) and as such a 8.5 handicap is a bit too much to bet with. With this in mind the under 199 points pick is also interesting.
  • Bet on Cleveland Cavaliers Moneyline now for 1.21 over at Triobet.

San Antonio Spurs vs Phoenix Suns:

  • The San Antonio Spurs are 5-0 in their latest 5 home games, defeating the Memphis Grizzlies in their latest game.
  • The Phoenix Suns are 2-3 in their latest 5 away games, losing to New Orleans in their latest away game
  • The Phoenix Suns will be coming into this fixture as a back to back road game, travelling from New Orleans where they lost on the 23rd.
  • San Antonio have opened most of their home games in an explosive fast paced manner and it´s likely that they blow out the Suns in the first two quarters, as such the 2.5 first quarter handicap and the 5.0 first half handicap are two big value picks for this game.
  • Bet on San Antonio Moneyline now for 1.21 over at Triobet.

Feel free to leave a reply on your thoughts about they games or on our new “Quick picks” format. Otherwise take care and gamble safe untill our next banker of the week, prediction or quick pick.


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