01 Aug

Barcelona vs Leicester prediction & preview

Barcelona vs Leicester FC prediction & preview:

On the 3rd of august Barcelona takes on Leicester City FC for the international champions cup over at friends arena in Stockholm. This fixture will be one of the most hyped up games of the pre-season as it will be 15/16 La liga winners versus the 15/16 premier league winners.

Both teams have had rumors of key figures leaving the teams however both have managed to keep their line-ups in check and build for the future. Looking over Barca’s transfers you should see that all their leaving players are older ones and almost all the acquired ones are in the 20-25 range.

Barcelona have lost quite a few iconic players though with Dani Alves going to Juventus, Sandro to Malaga and Adriano to Besiktas. Their core of MSN remains intact even though there have been several rumors of both Neymar and Suarez being of interest to PSG and City (what club doesn’t want to get their hands on one of those players though).

Leicester will be coming into this game with 3 victories, 1 draw and 1 defeat in their latest 5 games. The foxes went with a 4-4-2 strategy versus PSG in their last match which ended in a disappointing 4-0 result to PSG.

Raineri’s side was without the team’s biggest star Jamie Vardy who is still recovering from a broken wrist. Leicester did have some good chances with Mharez being a centimeter or so from scoring, but Vardy’s absence is a heavy burden for the team and for Mharez.

Barcelona have won all of their 5 latest games. They have only played one pre-season game so far though which was versus Celtic. The game ended in a comfortable 3-1 victory for Barca. Even though the spanish titans have had a nice transfer season the team is haunted by the media, the latest scandal being Messi getting sentences to 8 months of prison time.

Leo Messi was featured in another big event this summer aswell as he quit the Argentina national team following yet another penalty loss vs Chile in the Copa America finals. However considering the magnitude of how big Messi is it’s likely that he’ll stay out of prison and keep his cool with the help of the Barcelona FC organisation and Luis Enrique.

The viking’s sources says that Barca will feature their normal XI for this fixture to promote their new soccer school for immigrants in Sweden. The project will let new swedes practice with the same support that the best players in the world got growing up.

barca vs leicester preview & prediction

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Predicted outcome:

The viking’s prediction for this game is a goal heavy victory for the Catalonians. Vardy’s absence is showing in the foxes finishes and without him they struggle against the top teams, something which we saw in the PSG game. Leicester FC dis however show moments of hope, especially Mharez and as such the “both teams to score” pick might hold some value here.

This is an important game for Barcelona as not only do they get to promote their new project but they also get a chance to prove to europe that La Liga is the best league. We should expect Messi, Neymar and Suarez to come out big in this game. Especially Messi who is sure to be extra hungry for some goals and a chance to recover some media exposure following this summer’s events.

Please note that this prediction features both us friendly odds from the us friendly sportsbook Bovada aswell as european odds from the international bookmaker Unibet.

European odds from Unibet for Barcelona vs Leicester FC:


Barcelona vs Leicester FC, 3-1

The viking’s picks for this game:

Barcelona vs Leicester FC, Barcelona regulation time @ 1.25

Over 3.5 goals @ 2.28

US Friendly odds from Bovada us friendly online sportsbook for Barcelona vs Leicester FC:


Barcelona vs Leicester FC, 3-1 @ +850

The viking’s picks for this game:

Barcelona vs Leicester FC, Barcelona regulation time @ -425

Over 3.5 goals @ +125

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