15 Sep

09/20 UK vs Australia Davis cup semi-final

On sunday the 20th of september UK will face of versus Australia in the davis cup semi-final at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena. This is the first time in 34 years that UK has reached the final four of the davis cup and they havent been in the finals since 1978, it is safe to assume that coach Leon Smith will use the Murray brothers Andy and Jamie in this doubles match. One would expect a lot from the singles superstar Andy Murray infront of his homecrowd over in Glasgow. This game is sure to renew the old sporting rivalry between the two countries, they have traditionally competed against each other in various sports such as rugby and cricket so expect the crowd to be excited.

The Australian team is predicted to use Samuel Groth and Lleyton Hewitt for their doubles team. Neither of the players might be as big single stars as Andy Murray or as good in doubles as Jamie Murray who finished 2nd in this years wimbledon playing with John Peers but they do have one advantage over britains duo; They have played a lot of games together. Dont get the wrong impression from this statement as the Murray brothers´ve played together before but they havent developed the same level of teamplay that the australians have which is something that can be quite impactfull. Furthermore, will the Murray duo be able to keep their cool in such a high pressure envoirment and with the nations pride at stake, this is something that can make or break a game at this level of tennis.

Andy Murray / Jamie murray

The odds for this game is of course in the favor of the British team and in all fairness it should be; One of the best single players in the world partnered with one of the best doubles players in the world and they happen to be brothers. The viking heavily favors the british team and thinks that there is tremendous value to be had in the 1.61 odds that bet365 offers. There is also some potential livebetting value in this game if the british team gets on a roll or if a conflict emerges among the Murray/Murray team. As always make sure to watch the game live and look for any facial expressions, yelling or body language which might indicate a potential psychological advantage. Use this to bet on games/set winners and on over/under games, at this level a duo will resolve their differences between sets but during a set it´s not quite as easy.

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The vikings picks for this game:

Great britain  Australia 1/2, 1 @ 1.61

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